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This page may seem out of place along with all the other pages I have here. However, I read something on someone else's page yesterday that moved and disturbed me greatly, so I wanted to put up my own small page about it.

Now, anyone who knows me knows I am a sucker for animals. I am a dog person, even though my personality might go more with being a cat person. But I love dogs, and I miss my dog greatly. (Hi Cheyanne!) (At the moment, I am living in a place where I cannot keep my dog. Especially since the little porker has decided to gain another 20 pounds!) Anyway, as I said, I have never considered myself a cat person. (I don't think you can be a cat and a dog person.) But what happened at the Noah's Ark Animal Shelter shocks, saddens and disgusts me.

No animal deserves to be mistreated. NONE! No matter what the animal may or may not have done. I will not attempt to retell the story here, but I am providing the links to others who are so valiantly attempting to make sure these kinds of activities stop.