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These are some of the beings you may encounter in Valetower Keep. Salistra, Ayrian, Miranda, and Silverthorn are all "my" characters (think NPC's); all except Salistra are cyber-pets that I adopted on the 'net. Click on their images to go to the page I adopted them from.

Salistra: The mistress of Valetower Keep, Salistra engaged in a battle with another mage, causing the rips in the planes. Salistra built Valetower to control the potential damage these rips could cause to the multiverse. She spends most of her time monitoring the planes for new rips. Except for her chosen emissaries, most of the inhabitants and visitors to Valetower never see their hostess. She does not seem to mind visitors to her keep, but she generally does not go out of her way to make them feel welcome, either.

Salistra is an elven mage, about 6 foot tall. She has very pale skin and jet black hair, with a white streak running through it near her left temple. She keeps her hair pulled back, either rolled into a twist or left to hang down her back. She favors rich, deep jewel tones for her clothing, which is usually a long gown with a full skirt and long, full sleeves.

[Ayrian] The phoenix Ayrian serves as Salistra's familiar and most often acts as Salistra's emissary for new arrivals to Valetower Keep. Ayrian has more freedom (of both thought and action) than many might think a familiar would have, but she still often acts as Salistra's "eyes and ears" within Valetower. Naturally, her first and deepest loyalties lay with Salistra, but Ayrian can sometimes keep information to herself, especially if it does not concern her mistress. Therefore, do not assume that just because Ayrian knows something that she will tell Salistra. When her mistress does not need her, Ayrian has been known to go off for days at a time, to take care of "personal matters."

Ayrian's magical abilities mostly concern magic detection. She can "smell" magic -- when someone is casting a spell, if an object has magical energies, or when magic has been used on someone or something. Once she has "smelled" a type of magic once, she can always recognize its "scent."

[Miranda] Miranda the faerie was one of the very first to enter Valetower, therefore Salistra chose her to act as one of her emissaries for visitors within Valetower. Many have discounted Miranda's importance within the keep, assuming her diminutive size and cheerful, somewhat flighty demeanor indicate a lack of intelligence. However, only Salistra and Ayrian know more about Valetower, and Miranda may know things even these two don't. Naturally friendly, Miranda always tries to think the best of people, until, of course, someone tries to hurt her or those she considers friends. Then one may learn just how powerful and cunning Miranda can be.

Miranda's magic spells usually are creation spells. She can magically create almost any non-magical, inanimate material. She seldom uses her magic for herself, not does she engage in elaborate displays. Usually the most she will use her magic for is to create a flower for a friend or a cream pie to throw at someone.

[Silverthorn] The dragon Silverthorn was one of the first beings to notice the rips. From his home world of Viernth, he scented the great magic that caused the rip in his plane. He could tell at first the magic was unstable and dangerous, so he waited to see what would become of the rip. Then, when the magic suddenly stabilized, his curiosity was piqued, so he investigated and found Valetower. Ayrian found him soon after he entered, and she explained where he was. Being a somewhat adventurous sort, he decided to spend some time exploring the worlds on the other side of the rips. While Silverthorn's magical abilities may be considered weak, his knowledge of magical theory has no equal.

The magic that Silverthorn does use tends to be divining in nature. A bit of clairvoyance, some occasional scrying tends to be the limit of his magical castings. Usually he will only use magic to aid him in some research.