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[Mythical Animals]

I've been reading fantasy fiction since I was young. I can't remember how young, it's been so long. I do vaguely remember having to write a "book" when I was in fifth grade, and I choose to write a tour book through a make-believe solar system.

Then there are the unicorns. Again, I don't remember when I started thinking they were the most wonderful creatures ever. Probably sometime around twelve or so, when it seemed like most of the girls my age had a "thing" for unicorns. But unlike most of my peers, I never "outgrew" my love of the magical equines. I don't care that some believe my fascination with them (and now other mythic creatures) is immature. As far as I'm concerned, true maturity is being comfortable with who you are and what you like, and not really caring what others may or may not think of you for it.

Ah, but what is important here is the unicorns. As I said, I love them. But I'm picky -- I don't like just any unicorn. I have little use for the extremely cute unicorns, for example. To me, the unicorn is a proud, majestic, magical creature. It symbolizes the best of what we can all hope to become. (I won't go into the Christian allegory of the unicorn as Christ. My view of the unicorn, like my spiritual beliefs, has little to do with Christian dogma.)

As I have gotten older, the appeal of mythic creatures has increased, not decreased, for me. Dragons, faeries, gryphons, and many of their mythic cousins have begun showing up on my walls and shelves in the midst of my unicorns. And I like to think my unicorns don't mind the company!

This page is founded because of my love of the mythics. Well, my escapist tendencies had a little to do with it as well. There are two parts to this page. First, I'm working on a bestiary of sorts for some of my favorite mythics. This is not intended to be an exhaustive, detailed description of each mythic, just enough to let you know a little bit more about it. Second, I will do a role-playing of sorts off my chat page. I will work up a description of the folks involved and the sort of scenery the rp-ers find themselves in. Then, at a time somewhat convenient to those who wish to be involved, we'll all get together on the chat page and role-play. After each session, I'll post a summary of what happened, so anyone who couldn't show up or those who come in late can see what's been happening.

Sound interesting? I hope so, since I'll need folks who actually want to participate for this to work. So, please, email me or sign my guestbook and let me know if you would like me to count you in for the role-playing.

You can look at the page for the role-playing here.

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