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Welcome to Valetower Keep, a convergence of the planes.

Years ago, so long ago that no one can really say when, two mages waged an epic magical battle. The magical forces ripped through time and space, rending the very fabric that holds the multiverse together. No one is completely certain who won, or if anyone won, but both mages ceased their magical warfare. But the damage had been done. One of the battling mages, an elfin woman named Salistra, discovered the tears in the multiverse. The damage was too extensive for her to repair it; however, she determined that she could contain it. So she created Valetower Keep, a fortress to the planes.

Valetower Keep is located everywhere and nowhere. Anywhere Salistra found a rip in the planes, she made into a doorway to the Keep, in order to prevent the rip from widening and causing more damage. So there are doorways to innumerable planes within the Keep. However, if you try to go through the "front door," only magical energy waits for you.

Certain activities cause further rips into the space/time fabric of the planes, usually involving death magic, black magic, or whatever these practices are called on their home planes. For some reason, the damage is more extensive if the death of a magical creature is involved. Salistra spends a good deal of time tracking down new rips and repairing or containing them.

Rips are tricky things. They appear as doors in the Keep, so it is obvious where the rips are from the Keep. However, on the individual planes, the rips appear sometimes as a slight shimmer in the air, a dark area, or it may not even be noticeable. So Salistra often has unwitting visitors to the Keep. Some stay, some don't. Generally, one of the "regulars" will greet newcomers and explain where they are.

As you can (hopefully) see, this should allow for several worlds for the role players to interact in. Different people can design worlds, people, and foes for the group to deal with. This way the entire burden of running the sessions doesn't necessarily fall completely on one person. This format also allows all types of beings with all types of abilities and technology.

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Thanks to everyone who's expressed interest in this page! I'm back, and almost ready to get started with this, much later than I had originally planned. Sorry for the wait, folks! But soon, really, I promise, we'll get started. I've kept the addy's of those who've contacted me, and I'll get in touch once I'm ready to get started. I'm going to add to the cast of characters page (and take some out, too), so if you've looked at it before, make sure you check it again once it's back up!

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