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Welcome, traveller, to my humble grove. I invite you to take a moment and explore the many worlds that make up my home on the Web.

To new visitors, I bid you welcome! This grove is a bit of a hodgepodge of some of my many interests. I hope you enjoy your stay, maybe even take a moment to sign my scrolls to tell me what you think of my place, and come back to visit.

To my return visitors, thank you so much for coming back! I have redone the grove in honor of the upcoming Holiday season, and hopefully improved the place in the process. If you would, I would greatly appreciate your taking a few moments to sign the scrolls so you can give me your opinion about the new look and design.

And to one and all, have a joyous Holiday season. May you find much happiness and joy, no matter what holiday you happen to be celebrating!

Allow me to give you a quick guide to the grove:
[From the Quill] My more personal pages come From the Quill. These pages will let you learn more about me, see what changes I've made to the Grove, read my view on copyright issues, and last but not least, see my tributes page.
[The Library] The Library holds my faerie tales and mythical animals pages.
[Xena Pages] I maintain two areas of the Grove for the show Xena: Warrior Princess. The Treasure of Calith is a work of fan fiction that I am still in the process of finishing, and The Rabid Xenite's Shopping List, a guide to the various books, magazines, comic books and games about the Warrior Princess.

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This page last updated December 3, 1998.
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