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When I wander away from my grove, these are some of the sites I tend to wander towards. Perhaps you will find something useful from these places as well. If you would like your site included in this list let me know.

Xena links
Fantasy links
Faerie tale links
Mythical animal links
Unicorn links
Miscellaneous links

MCA's official Xena site, with station listings, episode airdates, and the Xena scrolls.
Tom's Xena Page has images from the episodes, the weekly comic Battle On! (recommended), articles that have appeared about the stars of the show, and lots of other goodies for the Hard Core Nut Ball.
Don's Xena Page has some cool pictures, with more to come (or so he claims)!
Buzzimer's Xena Vault has screen captures, sounds, a screen saver, and all kinnd of otehr goodies.
Ciy'Ree's Domain is a very pretty site, with lots of links and information.
The Jim Carrey Game at E! Online is a fun way to pass the time. Don't know what this has to do with Xena? Then take a few minutes to check it out! It's warped, but it's a lot of fun.

Fantasy Age is a work in progress, but it has some lovely artwork and great links.
Glass Onion Graphics has lots of wonderful Michael Whelan artwork.

Fairy Tales: Origins and Evolution -- the name says it all.
The Tam Lin Pages compare the Scottish folk tale to other tales.
Tales of Wonder has a collection of stories from around the world.

The mythological animals newsgroup provides a place to discuss questions about mythical animals and a place for role-playing. It was the inspiration for my chat room.

The Unicorn Grove has lots of info: movies, books, and the Unicorn Tapestries.
Mare Astra's Page has some lovely artwork, some of it original, some from wonderful artists.

Reel Music has sound files of Celtic Music.