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Hail and well met, traveller! My name is Rowen, and I bid you welcome to my grove. This is a place of magic, myth and fantasy. My grove is intended as a haven for all that which may not be accepted in the mundane world. Here is a place where unicorns may roam free, dragons may freely soar through the skies, and even a Warrior Princess may work her good deeds. I hope you will find something to interest you here, but if not, I have also suggested some other areas to travel through. May you have a safe and happy journey.

Please, understand that I constantly tend to the grove, and it grows more and more every day. Feel free to stop back again and see what's changed since last you visited!

Finally! My faerie tale page is up. There's not much on it yet, but give me a little time!

New! I've added a mytic animals page. This includes short descriptions of the most popular mythic animals, links to find out more about them, and a chat room to talk about them.

I like to think of myself as a bit of a storyteller. Since I am a fan of the show Xena: Warrior Princess, I thought I would try my hand at creating an interactive fan fiction story called The Treasure of Calith.

And please take a moment to read about the cat vigil for the Noah's Ark Animal Shelter.

I've now added a links page.

If you have any suggestions or comments, please email me. Or, you can now sign my guest book!

This grove last tended on February 25, 1998

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