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Headed to play a game of the Xena CCG and don't have a deck built? Fear not, for you have stumbled upon a list of decks that you should be able to easily construct for yourself! These decks are Arena(tm) tournament legal (in other words, they are made up of only 1 series of cards -Xena- and they do not mix good and evil cards).

Modified Pain Delay - I based this deck off of one listed in the June 1998 issue of The Duelist magazine. I modified it for several reasons: I generally don't like to play with Rare cards, unless I have a lot of them, and I usually won't play a card that makes me either discard or draw a card. Feel free to modify (or de-modify) to your heart's content. This deck uses blockers to keep your opponent's characters from easily getting to you, and unblockable characters to make sure you can get at your opponent. Pump up your unblockables with Major Jealousy Rage, and use Priest of Asclepius to gain some life in case your opponent hits you for damage with Action cards.

    Modified Pain Delay:
  • 8 Blue Resources
  • 2 Gate Guards
  • 3 Temple Infiltrators
  • 3 Priests of Asclepius
  • 4 Little Baby Godlings
  • 4 Major Jealously Rages
  • 7 Red Resources
  • 2 Vigilant Sentries
  • 4 Cavalry Strikes
  • 3 Flaming Arrows

Vengeance - I based this deck on cards that require your opponent to discard cards if one of your cards leaves play. Ironically, since this is a Green/Red deck, the Vengeance card isn't in this deck. I also put the Celts in this deck, since there are actually only 2 cards in the deck that require discards if they leave play.

  • 8 Green Resources
  • 4 Young Princes
  • 3 Celtic Warriors
  • 3 Celtic Soldiers
  • 2 Celtic Queens
  • 3 Unstoppable Attacks
  • 2 Xena Leads the Troops
  • 1 Gabrielle
  • 8 Red Resources
  • 4 Town Judges
  • 2 Spring-Loaded Daggers

If you have ideas on ways to improve these decks, or ideas that you would be willing to share with others, please let me know.

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