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Yeah, everybody has favorites. So do I. And, since this is my web page, here I will showcase some of my favorite cards the Xena CCG has to offer. Some will be chosen for their game value, some will be here because I think they do cool things, and some will be here just because I think they're amusing cards.

For the week of December 7, 1998:

I am so glad that Battle Cry(tm) finally came out. I'm even happier that I actually got a full set from the box of boosters that I bought! :) And, aside from beefing up some of the cards that really needed it (like Xena and Gabrielle), the card I am probably happiest to see was card #45, Ephiny, Amazon Warrior. First of all, Ephiny is probably my favorite recurring character on Xena. (Now, if WotC ever comes out with a Herc expansion, it had better have a Nebula card!) On top of that, she's a pretty cool card. At 4 power, with a cost of 5 resources, she's a pretty good buy. Add that she can only be blocked by one character, and she's one of the better cards in the expansion.

For the week of November 30, 1998:

In case you haven't noticed, I generally don't like to play with rare cards. For one, I usually don't have enough spare rares to actually play with them. Second, there aren't all that many rare cards that I feel are really worth putting into decks. But there are exceptions, such as card #165. (I mean the real #165, not one of the other three cards that were misnumbered as #165.) Surrounded is just a cool card. It's a teensie bit on the expensive side, but sometimes it's worth paying the 5 resources to get rid of as many characters as you can, as long as their total power doesn't exceed 6. That'll get rid of a lot of weenie characters!

For the week of November 23, 1998:

From what I've read, the Celts are pretty popular with most Xena fans, and I know I'm no exception. So it should come as no surprise that card #98 is one of my favorites. Unstoppable Attack is cheap, for one, costing only 1 resorce to play. And you don't have to discard any of your attackers to play it. This card works especially well in "weenie" decks, using a lot of small, cheap characters to overwhelm your opponent.

For the week of November 16, 1998:

I know, I know, I have been sadly neglecting the green cards. So, this week, I thought I would fix that. And I think it's only fitting that I choose for my first green card pick ... Argo, the wonder horse! Okay, so that's not how card number 102 is labeled, but we all know that's exactly what she is. Hey, she can even let one of your attacking characters untap at the beginning of your opponent's next turn, plus do some kicking butt of her own, since she's got a power of 2. All this for only 4 resources! As long as one of those resources happens to have an apple tree, anyway!

For the week of November 9, 1998:

Ooh, he's a hunka-hunka burnin' love. Anyway, he's certainly a hunk! I'm talking about Cupid, card number 49. Darn, he's cute, even with the California bleached blond look going. Of course, the reason I picked him this week is because for only 5 resources, you make your opponent discard 2 cards from his or her hand, plus you have a 2 power character thereafter. Yeah, right, that's the only reason. Sure. Really. Would I fib to you?

For the week of November 2, 1998:

Let's talk about the Town Judge, card number 126. Yeah, he's a weenie. In case you haven't noticed, most of the cards I like best are. But he's a vindictive little weenie! For 3 resources, you get a suicidal card! "Sure, attack me with Ares. I'll block you with my Town Judge! Bwahahahaha!!!" Okay, so most sane folks won't be having this conversation, but you get my meaning. It's always fun, too, to see just how many turns our opponent will let this little guy through rather than block and kill him, just so they won't lose the three cards.

For the week of October 26, 1998:

Okay, for this week, I've decided to move away from the blue cards, at least for now. This week, I choose card number 137, Veteran Longbow Archers. Yeah, it's Uslesses, but even with that mark against it, it's still a pretty cool card. For 1 more resource than the standard Longbow Archers, you make your opponent lose 2 more cards; sounds like a good deal to me. And paying 5 resources for a 2 power card isn't a bad deal. He's especially helpful when your opponent is playing a lot of blockers, since he does damage merely by showing up. If you get to play a couple of these in a row, or even combined with the Longbow Archers, you've done some substantial damage without even having to directly attack.

For the week of October 19, 1998:

Now, this card was my other serious contender for the first week's pick. Card number 5, Dastardly Assassin. Reason one: Even though he was pretty much scum in A Fistful of Dinars, Thersites was pretty cool scum. I love the flavor text on this card! Reason two: Okay, so at 1 power, he's pretty easy to kill, but look what he does! When he shows up, you pick one of your opponent's characters in play and get rid of it. Doesn't matter how powerful it is, it's history (or as close to history as you get in the Xenaverse). I especially love this card for playing against C*23(tm) decks, since they seem to get the nastier creatures out a lot faster. (If you've ever played against a Cybered-Up Gizzard, you should have a good idea of what I mean.) At four resources, playing this card is one of the "best buys" in the game.

For the week of October 12, 1998:

This week's card goes really well with last week's card. It's card number 16, Little Baby Godling. First of all, he's relatively cheap at only 4 resources, especially since he's an unblockable character. Cast a Major Jealousy Rage on him, and he becomes quite nasty rather quickly. Even without grandma backing him up, he does a good job of whittling down you opponent over the course of the game. Not to mention the fact that he's just so darn cute!

For the week of October 5, 1998:

I put quite a bit of thought into what my first featured card would be. And after due thought, I decided to feature card number 19 of the original set, Major Jealousy Rage. Now, it's not the best card for just any deck, since it only affects attacking, unblocked characters. But cast it on a Temple Infiltrator or a Little Baby Godling, and you've turned a somewhat minor annoyance card into a serious damage doer. And all for a piddling 2 resource cost! Even Salmoneus couldn't turn down a bargain like that. Plus, the picture of Aphrodite pouting like that makes the card worthwhile on looks alone. Not to mention the flavor text -- "Yes, the lust thing." How often do you find the word lust in card text? (Please don't answer that. It was a rhetorical question.)

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