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When you get to a section of road you judge to be fairly safe, you turn more of your attention to Deandra. She seems to be handling the journey well, barely breaking into a sweat even with all the walking you've done. You mentally give a nod of approval and ask, "Deandra, how did Calith and Theris get along before the tapestry was stolen?"

"Fairly well," replies Deandra. "The kingdoms have been at peace since my grandfather's time. My dad and King Shirra were good friends, though they haven't really talked in ages. My father and King Shirra worked out the betrothal agreement between my brother and Princess Reina years ago; they were waiting to hold the wedding because Reina was talking about becoming a priestess of Athena."

"Who would gain the most from a war between your countries?" you ask.

"Well, whichever arms dealers the countries would trade with," Deandra answers after a moment of thought. "There are several operating in both countries, not to mention the ones located nearby. Whichever country won would certainly gain some lands, but both countries would have probably drained their treasuries to fund the war, not to mention the loss of people and crops. The ranking officers in the armies of both countries would gain political power. But I really can't think of anyone who would have a guaranteed benefit from the war. Many could, but there's no way to tell who would. Those who might benefit have several others around them in sort of the same situation. It's like there's no one arms dealer the countries would definitely go to for weapons."

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