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After traveling a good distance and coming to a stream, you stop to give everyone a rest and to refill the water skins. Gabrielle pulls out an apple from her sack and begins to eat.

"So, Deandra," you say as you cap your water skin, "tell me more about this tapestry."

Deandra looks off in the distance, as if trying to picture the tapestry in her mind. "Well, like I said before, it's been in King Shirra's family for generations. Family legend has it that one of King Shirra's ancestors helped defend one of Athena's temples, and the goddess herself presented the tapestry to the ancestor as a gift of thanks.

"Even if Athena didn't weave the tapestry, it's still incredibly valuable. Many of the threads are gold or silver, and gems are woven into the pattern. So even if no one would buy the tapestry itself, the thief could make quite a few dinars selling the gems and such in the tapestry."

Gabrielle looks up from her snack. "What is the pattern on the tapestry, anyway?"

"It's some sort of geometric pattern," Deandra says, "similar to a key pattern, but instead of going in a straight line, it circles around itself." [Author's note: By "key pattern," I mean a Grecian key design. I just didn't think Deandra would phrase it that way!]

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