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"Tell me about it," you say. Deandra bites her lip for a moment, then begins.

"Well, my father is the king of Theris. He married an amazon, a good friend of Melosa's. That's why I came here, hoping to get Melosa's help because of her friendship with my mother. Anyway, to the north of Theris is Calith. Our countries have been at peace for the past five years, after a terrible war that cost many lives on both sides. Only now, Calith's greatest treasure is missing, and for some reason they're blaming my country for it. King Shirra has declared that if the treasure isn't returned, his army will begin attacking my country."

"What is the treasure?" you ask.

"It's a tapestry the king had hanging in his throne room."

"All this over a tapestry?" Gabrielle asks incredulously.

"The tapestry is very special, of course. It has a fortune of gold and jewels sewn into it and has been in the king's family for generations. Legend has it that the tapestry was woven by Athena herself," Deandra replies. "I've seen it twice now, and it's simply amazing. I could almost believe Athena did create it."

"How long do until King Shirra sends out his army?" you ask.

"We have about two weeks, now. It took me longer than I wanted to get here." Deandra looks at you. "So, Xena, are you willing to try and help me stop a war?"

Of course I'll help.

I think I'll pass.