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"So, Xena," Deandra asks, "will you help me stop a war?"

You shake your head, a bit regretfully. "I'm here to help those who can't help themselves and have nowhere else to go. You're a princess; you have enough resources to get help somewhere else."

Deandra looks resigned. "Well, Warrior Princess, I'd best be on my way to try and stop that war myself."

"Good luck!" Gabrielle calls to Deandra's retreating back. Then she turns to you. "Don'tcha think that maybe we should have helped her?"

"There are others who need our help more, Gabrielle. Now, let's head back to the village."

Several months later, you and Gabrielle happen to ride near Theris. In a tavern, you hear that Deandra wasn't able to find the tapestry in time. Most of her family died in the war. Deandra disappeared shortly before the war ended and hasn't been seen since. You realize that maybe you were Deandra's only hope, after all.

The End

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