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Your first day's journey is uneventful. As evening falls, you find a quiet spot by a stream and get a good night's rest. The next day also passes quietly. You speak with Deandra about the missing tapestry and learn more about what you've gotten yourself into.

About mid-afternoon, you come across a relatively large village. You travel through the market, restocking supplies. By the time you finish bartering for your goods, it's only about an hour before dusk. You decide it isn't worth heading back onto the road, so you tell Gabrielle and Deandra as you make your way to an inn, "Let's go ahead and rent a room for the night. We might as well see if we can find out from any travelers what's happening back in Calith and Theris."

Gabrielle gives you a quick grin. "I have to admit, I'll enjoy being in a real bed for a change!" You raise an eyebrow and shake your head as you say to Gabrielle under your breath, "Where's your sense of adventure?" Gabrielle grins at you as you enter the building. "I left it under the rock that kept digging into my side last night."

You quickly pay the innkeeper and head up to your room. The three of you take a few minutes to settle into the room, then head downstairs for supper. Before reaching the first floor, Gabrielle turns to you and Deandra. "I think we should split up. We can cover the room better and hopefully find out more that way. I mean, someone might tell Deandra or me something they wouldn't tell you. No offense."

Okay, let's split up.
We'd better stay together.