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The Xena Trading Card Game (TCG), or Collectable Card Game (CCG), first appeared in stores May of 1998 as part of Wizards of the Coast's® ARC System(tm) of games. Wizards designed the ARC System(tm) as an easy system for beginners to learn, but still appealing to experienced players. Reviews from experienced players have varied, but the ARC System(tm) is certainly easy to learn, especially compared to some other CCGs out there. If you have never played another CCG, a quick read through the rules should answer most of your questions about how to play. After playing with another player a time or two, you should pretty much have it. Other ARC titles include Jim Lee's C-23® and Hercules, and many rumors have it that the next title (to be released sometime early next year) could have something to do with a certain "wrascally wrabbit," but I have seen no official word yet. I'll be sure to post any info as I find it.

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