1 December, 1998

Happy holidays, everyone! No matter what occasion you're celebrating at this time of year, or even if you don't celebrate a holiday now, I hope the season brings you much happiness and joy. In honor of this wonderful time of year, I have finally redesigned the Grove. Please check it out if you didn't get here from there!

12 November 1998

Okay, so it's been awhile. Many apologies to anyone who actually missed me! Alas, "real life" has been rude enough to intrude on my quality time with the computer. :) Okay, so not just the dreaded "real life," but also the new computer game I got last week, but we won't go there. (FYI, the "new" game is The Dig, which has been out for ages, but I just got around to buying last payday.)

About three or four weeks ago (I've already lost count), I got promoted at work. Which is a good thing in general, but it has managed to take up a lot more of my time, and quite a bit more of my energy. Usually the last thing in the world I want to do after a day of dealing with the new stress of my job is attempt, in my own little way, to be witty and creative. I just don't have the inner strength, if you will. Now that I'm getting more comfortable with my new working life, hopefully there won't be quite as long a gap in the updates. However, with the holiday season coming up, I make no guarantees, especially since my job is in retail. [Insert looks of pity here.]

But just because I haven't been updating the site doesn't mean that I don't have some new stuff for anyone who happens to wish to see it! Recent additions (okay, like tonight) are:

I've got plenty more in mind, especially a couple of really overdue tribute stories, so keep watching this page for more additions! (Pretty please? With sugar on top?)

1 October, 1998

The construction continues! I've finally got all the pages done for the Xena CCG section in the Rabid Xenite's Shopping List, which I'm really happy about. Only five more sections to go! However, I may put those on a temporary hold in order to do some home improvement on the rest of the Grove. It really needs a facelift after over a year (especially since I've been meaning to do so for at least half of that time)!

Oh, and in case anyone cares, my family and I made it through Georges with only minimal damage. I know we were lucky and fared quite a bit better than a lot of other folks. Many thanks to whatever force is out there watching over myself and my family. This makes two I owe you for.

It figures. I just finished uploading and fiddling with files, and thought I was done for the evening. Then I head over to Moyra's Web Jewels, for my daily fix, expecting to get the Grey Day front page, and what do I see? A completely redesigned site, with a new address! Not only am I struck anew with envy for this amazing Digital Diva's talent, now I have to go back and change *all* my links to her (and there are a good many, let me tell you). Regardless, I wish her all the best in her new home! (Yeah, I know, it sounds like I'm kissing up. Well, tough! It's my page! Besides, mere words cannot express the gratitude I feel towards this amazing "elective red-head" and the generosity she shows to the rest of us poor graphically-challenged wanna-be webmasters by offering her talent *for free* to personal web pages, just for a link back to her in return. And she has the most consistently stunning web graphics I have seen anywhere, bar none - even her own web-heroes.)

27 September, 1998

Well, my family and I are getting ready for Hurricane Georges to hit, so it may be a bit before I get to update again. (Wish us luck, if you would.) Fortunately, we're not in the primary strike zone. (I'm in Pensacola, Florida, in case you're curious.) However, for some reason the street we live on has a bad habit of losing power before anyone else does, and getting it back last. Wouldn't you know it? So basically I might be suffering from computer withdrawl in the next couple of days.

The up side is that I will have at least a little time off of work, so I should be able to get some writing done, even if it is by hand. So there should be some more new stuff coming up in the next week or two. All that I've gotten done this week is an update about the Xena CCG expansion in the Rabid Xenite's Shopping List.

Here's hoping I don't end up "gone with the wind"!

21 September, 1998

After many, many months of being rather web lazy, I've finally gotten around to adding new material to this web site. Many thanks to everyone who has checked out this web site and waited for new stuff to show up. I haven't forgotten about the pages, I just got out of the habit, I suppose, of trying to come up with new material for the pages.

Check back often; new things should be getting added as soon as I can write them!

Many thanks, as always, to Moyra and her Web Jewels Mine. Adding text to images is about as graphics savvy as I get, so without her wonderful backgrounds and artwork ('cause that's what her backgrounds are, really, especially this one) my pages would be a lot less pretty to look at. Please go to the Web Jewel Mine and see for yourself. If you do use something, please make sure to play by Moyra's rules.

Artwork on this page still belongs to Moyra, and is used according to her rules of use. Written content belongs to me, Stephanie Jones (though why anyone would want to steal it, I have no idea).