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A long while back, someone on the Chakram mailing list asked the list members if the Xena comic books were any good. (Okay, so specifically, Artemis asked, but I certainly don't remember exactly *when* she asked!) The answer received several replies, but Topps is running their Xena comics as mini-series rather than as an ongoing comic. Which is pretty cool, but it means that every mini-series has a different creative team, so each series can be quite different from the others, both in terms of art and quality of writing. So, being the nosy and opinionated soul that I am, I decided to try and answer the question on a somewhat long-term basis. So without further ado, I welcome you to...

[The Rabid Xenite's Shopping List]

[or, Are They Worth It?]

On these pages, I will oh so humbly offer up my opinion on the Xena comic books. And since I always have been an overachiever, I'll also "review" other media in which our beloved Warrior Princess appears. (Well, I haven't really *ever* been an overachiever, but I still thought it would be worth covering the various magazines and books about Xena along with the comics. It's not like I'm not buying them anyway...) To the left, you will find the different categories into which I've divided my oh-so-modest opinionations. And for the spoiler-conscious, BEWARE -- SLIGHT SPOILERS AHEAD!!!!! I'll try to keep any comments on the plots of the comics to the bare minimum; if I feel like I really need to say something that would spoil the comic, I'll put it on a separate spoiler page that you can access if you wish to read the spoiler.

Please keep in mind that this page is quite new, and is still under a lot of construction as you can probably see below. So some links may not be available at any given time. As I have time to look over new material and fight with my scanner, more will be added. Just be patient, and if youíre interested in a particular area, send me email or sign my guestbook and let me know; Iíll try to give that section priority.

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And one other thing -- this should be rather obvious, but Iíd better say it anyway. The comments on this web page are MY OPINIONS and are in no way intended to be taken as the gospel truth. Just because I donít like something doesnít mean that everyone has to feel the same way. The world would be pretty boring if that was the case! So on these pages, Iím writing what I think of various products. If you donít agree, thatís fine. You can even write to me and tell me why you donít agree. Heck, if you want, Iíd be perfectly willing to post reviews from other people here about a comic or whatever. But please donít flame me. A flame email isnít going to change my opinion any about anything, and will simply be ignored. Iím perfectly willing to listen to a constructive criticism or comment, but I have better things to do with my time than waste it on abusive email.

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This page last updated December 1, 1998, and is still very much under construction.
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