The Treasure of Calith

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"Wanna come with me?" Gabrielle asks you.

"Sure," you reply.

Gabrielle turns to Ephiny. "Xena and I are going to find out what Deandra wanted to talk to Melosa about. I feel kind of responsible, I guess. We'll be back as soon as we can, though."

"Be careful," Ephiny tells Gabrielle.

Gabrielle grins quickly before making her way into the woods, with you following closely behind. You quickly overtake Gabrielle and begin tracking Deandra. You find her just outside Amazon lands, leaning with her back against a tree. She looks up quickly when she hears your approach, and her hands are on her knife before she identifies the source of the sound.

Gabrielle quickly steps forward. "Hi! I didn't introduce myself earlier; my name is Gabrielle, and I'm Melosa's heir. If there's something you needed from her, maybe if you tell me, I can help you with it."

Deandra gives a quirky half-smile. "Well, I was hoping to get Melosa's help."

Gabrielle smiles broadly. "We sort of specialize in helping people. This is Xena." Gabrielle motions to you.

Deandra looks at you warily, and her grip tightens around the hilt of her knife. All she says is, "I've heard of her."

Gabrielle quickly sees Deandra's tension. "No, wait, you've got it all wrong. Xena gave up her warlord ways a long time ago, and now she tries to help who she can."

"I've heard people talk about the 'new' Xena," Deandra says, almost to herself, "And the people of my county do need help."

You look at Deandra. "Tell me about it," you say.