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As dinnertime approaches, you hunt for a good spot to stop and eat. You get Argo unsaddled while Deandra goes to gather firewood and Gabrielle unpacks the food. Deandra returns and builds the fire quickly and efficiently.

As Gabrielle cooks, you say to Deandra, "Tell me more about you family."

Deandra smiles as she talks about her family. "My father, King Minos, is a wonderful man, in my admittedly biased opinion. He's incredibly loyal to the country, but he won't sacrifice his beliefs because of tradition or because some of his advisors might want him to do so. I mean, he went directly against his ministers' wishes when he married my mother. Basically, he'll do just about anything for the good of his country except go against his principles.

"Barius, my older brother, is betrothed to Princess Reina of Calith, or at least he was until the tapestry was stolen. Barius also feels strongly about his duty to his people and his country, but he's also not as strong as my father is. Don't get me wrong, I love him dearly; it's just that he's a lot more easily swayed by the advice of others. I guess he still has to figure out what he really believes in and what's important to him."

"How did he react to the breaking of his engagement to Princess Reina?" Gabrielle asks. "Was he upset, relieved, happy?"

"Honestly, I don't think it's really affected him. He likes Reina well enough, and he wasn't upset about marrying her, but he was getting married for the country, not really for himself.

"Anyway, my brother Menticles is next oldest. He's the adventuresome sort. Even as a child, he'd go off and explore caves, the forest, anywhere. Gave my parents fits trying to find him sometimes. If we ever have problems with a wandering group of bandits or something, Menticles always leads the group that goes after them. Not just because it's his duty, although that's part of it, but because he thinks it's exciting to go off on some life or death quest. I guess he's rather dashing -- or at least enough young ladies seem to think so!

And then there's me, the baby of the family."

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