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"Your stomach will be spared, Gabrielle," you say with a half smile. "I don't think the time we would save is worth the risk and uncertainty of travelling by boat."

"Thank the Gods!" Gabrielle says with a heartfelt sigh. "I don't think I can stand the thought of ever seeing another squid in my life!"

Deandra looks confused by the squid comment, but chooses not to say anything about it. "Okay, then we need to head east."

The first couple of days are uneventful, giving you the chance to ask Deandra several questions along the way. You may ask about two of the following:

King Shirra and his family
Deandra's family
Relations between Calith and Theris
The tapestry itself

Once you have asked the first question, come back to this page and click on your second question. After the second, then continue with your journey. (I haven't figured out how to do this any other way. Feel free to email me with any suggestions.)